Arizona Blue Turquoise

Arizona mines are world famous for their beautiful true blue Turquoise. Turquoise is Arizona's most important gem material. This gem ranks top in value per production and is the most widely known of Arizona's gemstones. Most collectors consider American Turquoise to be the finest in the world and Arizona to be the state that the best blue Turquoise comes from.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

This is one of the most recognizable types of turquoise in the world. The rich, sky blue color and the lack of heavy matrix has made it famous all over the world.

About Color: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is known for its medium sky-blue hue. It's a classic color, and for many, represents the ideal turquoise color. Romantics say the color of this stone reflects the wide-open skies of the American Southwest on a clear day. Collectors and connoisseurs prefer Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for its even body color.

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